Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests, which are rich in biodiversity, cover close to 30% of the country’s total surface area. Although conservation continues to be among the country’s top priorities, decreasing forest areas and strong pressures on land use pose a threat to the country’s forests and biodiversity.

Costa Rica's FCPF Carbon Fund Program
Program name: Costa Rica’s Emission Reductions Program
Program location:


Program area: 3.2 million ha
ERPA terms: Up to $60 million for reductions of 12 MtCO2e

The ER program supports Costa Rica’s national REDD+ strategy and its broader ambition to achieve a low-carbon economy in a resilient environment. The program is helping expand the country’s payment for environmental services program and contributing to other key national programs for sustainable forest management, fire management, landscape restoration, and the National Decarbonization Plan. The program is also strengthening the governance of national protected areas, which cover 26 percent of the country’s territory. Marked by a strong social component, the program is working to increase the participation of all stakeholders to address the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, including Indigenous Peoples and private landowners, enabling emission reductions from an additional 20 percent of the program’s forest area. View Country Profile. 

Costa Rica
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Terrestrial protected areas
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Country Focal Points

Philippe Dardel (World Bank)
Veronica Jarrin (World Bank)