The transition zone between mangroves and lowland forest being cleared in Colon, Panama

What is REDD+?     REDD+ stands for countries' efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.  Read More >

Children from a village in Luang Namtha, Laos

The Readiness Fund: Learn more about support provided to participating countries to 'get ready for REDD+'. Read More >

Forest Canopy

The Carbon Fund: Learn more about efforts to provide performance-based payments to countries that have made significant progress in their REDD+ readiness endeavors.  Read More >





Feb 05, 2019 to Feb 07, 2019
Carbon Fund Nineteenth Meeting (CF19), Washington, DC
Mar 18, 2019 to Mar 20, 2019
27th Participants Committee Meeting (PC27), Washington, DC
May 07, 2019
Submission of MTRs in French/Spanish for virtual review
May 21, 2019
Submission of MTRs in English for virtual review
Jul 08, 2019 to Jul 12, 2019
Carbon Fund Twentieth Meeting (CF20) (location TBC)

Latest Documents

  • Featured: FCPF Annual Report FY18 (English)
  • REDD+ Decision Support Toolbox
  • Approaches to REDD+ Nesting: Lessons Learned from Country Experiences (English, Español, Français
  • Forest- and Climate-Smart Cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana (English
  • Engaging the Private Sector in Results-Based Landscape Programs (English
  • Results from the FCPF Capacity Building Program: 2009-2016 (English
  • Eliminating Deforestation from the Cocoa Supply Chain (English
  • PMR-FCPF Report on Emissions Trading Registries: Guidance on Regulation, Development and Administration (link)
  • Updated Carbon Fund Methodological Framework (link)
  • A Guide to the FCPF Readiness Assessment Framework (EnglishEspañolFrançais
  • ER Program Buffer Guidelines (English)
  • Private Sector Engagement (English)
  • FCPF-UNREDD Joint Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms (English)
  • FAQ for ERPA General Conditions (English)
  • Early Lessons from Jurisdictional REDD+ and Low Emissions Development Programs (English)


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