The Readiness Fund

The Readiness Fund supports tropical and sub-tropical developing countries in preparing themselves to participate in a future, large-scale, system of positive incentives for REDD+. This includes: adopting national REDD+ strategies; developing reference emission levels (RELs); designing measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems; and setting up REDD+ national management arrangements, including proper environmental and social safeguards. 

The first step for interested countries is to submit a Readiness Plan Idea Note to the FCPF. The next step is for the selected countries to prepare their Readiness Plan, which is a framework for a country to set a clear plan, budget and schedule to undertake REDD+ activities. 

The partnership’s governing body reviews and assesses Readiness Plans, and on that basis decides on the allocation of FCPF grants to countries. Readiness activities must involve a high degree of consultation with civil society and indigenous peoples organizations. Given the historical role of indigenous peoples and other forest dwellers as stewards of tropical forests, it is critical that governments set up participatory mechanisms to ensure that they be meaningfully consulted during the formulation and implementation of their country’s Readiness Plan and REDD+ Strategy and that they benefit from capacity building and future financial incentives.

Milestones of REDD+ Readiness

 Milestones of REDD+ Readiness