Dialogue of Indigenous Peoples of Meso and South America and the Caribbean, and the FCPF, Lima Perú, August 22 - 24, 2012


Item Documento - Document
Logistics Logistics information (Spanish)
1. Agenda (Spanish)
2. Introduction to the FCPF (including Carbon Fund) and Update on Global and Regional Activities with Indigenous Peoples (Spanish)
3. Indigenous Peoples Rights as expressed in Cancun and Durban Decisions, UNDRIP, and Applications for FCPF (Spanish)
  • REDD+ Readiness implementation in Latin America (Presentation)
  • Readiness Package Update (Spanish)
  • Modalities of the FCPF Capacity Building Program for Indigenous Peoples (Spanish)
5. Conclusions and Recommendations
6. Participants list
  FINAL Report (English, Spanish)


Other Documents
World Bank report
Case Study IP's and REDD+ in Mesoamerica (English, Spanish)
Case Study IP's and REDD+ in South America (English, Spanish)


Background Documents
Letter to World Bank Vice President from Joan Carling and Juan Carlos Jintiach and response from World Bank Vice President
Resolution PC/10/2011/1: Strategic Direction of the FCPF (Revised Jan. 2012: English, Spanish)
FCPF Charter
FCPF UN-REDD Draft Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement in REDD+ Readiness (English, Spanish)