Being inspired by gender actions in forest landscapes around the world

The gendered nature of resource use, access, control, and responsibility with respect to trees and forests is complex. Given women's unique knowledge of, and roles related to forests management, why aren"t we seeing them being equally represented in relevant institutions, accepted as stakeholders with specific views and interests, and empowered to have a say in transformative decisions?
Motivated by a widespread desire to take more actions in forest projects to address gender constraints and opportunities, we saw evidence from countries that are empowering women at gender-focused sessions that were part of the recent FCPF-FIP joint knowledge sharing day, held on September 28, 2017. These sessions addressed strategies and approaches for gender-responsive project design, implementation, and monitoring in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Mozambique, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, and Togo.
Please read more in this PROFOR blog post that includes inputs by Tamara Bah and Nicholas Soikan from the FCPF team.