Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Panel

The FCPF's Facility Management Team (FMT) maintains a roster of experts who can be selected to serve on the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) as needed, offering a wide range of technical and policy expertise and knowledge of specific country conditions. The FMT invites TAP experts to review Readiness Preparation Proposals (R-PPs) submitted by REDD+ eligible countries, for completeness and quality in meeting the criteria for R-PP set forth by the FCPF Information Memorandum.

The TAP review of a country's R-PP is led by an expert who serves as the lead reviewer. To achieve consistency, each individual expert selected to review an R-PP completes his or her review according to a standard template, and the lead reviewer is then responsible for synthesizing the various individual reviews into one summary review. The summary review is made public in order to encourage transparency of the FCPF process.

These lead reviewers may also be requested to attend one or more meetings of the FCPF TAP and/or FCPF Participants Committee (the governing body of the FCPF), to present the outcomes of TAP reviews, offer advice, and serve as experts for any discussion or questions that arise on review methods, results, or general technical issues. The TAP reviews countries' R-PPs by a scheduled date, as directed by the FMT.