REDD+ Strategies

The Facility is designed to test various ways of reducing deforestation and forest degradation based on national circumstances. Various interventions are being piloted, from policy reforms to on-the-ground investments. Similarly, several approaches to the estimation of past and future emissions are being tested. Each REDD+ country as it crafts its own REDD+ strategy will innovate and contribute to the learning of all. A common principle underlies these various approaches—namely that REDD+ must result in real, measurable and long-term benefits related to the mitigation of climate change, and align with the national development strategy. The following resources contribute to the growing reservoir of knowledge on building REDD+ strategies out of local REDD+ initiatives. 


FCPF Guidelines 


FCPF Materials

  • January 2015: Early Lessons from Jurisdictional REDD+ and Low Emissions Development Programs (English)
  • June 2014: Workshop on Linking Local REDD+ Initiatives with National REDD+ Strategies, Jakarta, Indonesia, June 2-4, 2014 (Link)
  • August 2013: Results-based finance for REDD+: Lessons learned from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the BioCarbon Fund (English
  • June 2013: Linking local REDD+ experiences to national REDD+ strategies: Perspectives of REDD countries in Africa (English)
  • April 2013: Workshop on Linking Local REDD+ Projects to National REDD+ Strategies in Africa, Ethiopia (Link)
  • November 2010: Harvesting Knowledge on REDD+:  Early Lessons from the FCPF In​itiative and Beyond (English
  • 2010 R-PP Resource Sessions (link)
  • 2009 R-PP Resource Sessions (link


External Links and Resources

  • September 2012: Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation: A Synthesis Report for REDD+ Policymakers and Presentation
  • May 2012: World Bank Rio+20 Dialogues: A Framework for Action for Sustainable Development (English)
  • June 2011: National REDD+ Registries - Report on Issues and Design Options (English
  • November 2010: Understanding REDD+: The Role of Governance, Enforcement and Safeguards in REDD+ (English)
  • March 2009: Meridian Institute REDD+: An Options Assessment Report (English)
  • Training: WWF REDD+ Learning Sessions (Link)
  • Training: The Nature Conservancy on-line REDD+ (Link