PC9, June 20-22, 2011, Oslo, Norway


Agenda Item Document
1c. PC9 Draft Agenda 06-19-11

PC Rules of Procedure and Presentation


Common Approach Document (English, Español, Français)
Conveyance memo to PC9
Draft Text for FCPF and UN-REDD R-PP Template:  Feedback and Grievance Redress Mechanism
Other documents on the Common Approach
FMT Comments and Proposals on MDPs
Task Force Report on Common Approach 06-19-11

3a. Presentation of ad hoc Technical Advisory Panels
3b. Technical Advisory Panels’ overviews of R-PPs

Liberia R-PP and Presentation
TAP Synthesis Review and Presentation
PC Review and Presentation
SDI - Global Witness statement on Liberia R-PP - PC9
World Bank Comments
Getting Ready with Forest Governance: A Review of the FCPF R-PPs and the UN-REDD National Programme Documents


Uganda R-PP and appendices (June 2011) and Presentation
TAP Synthesis Review and Presentation
PC Review and Presentation
Global Witness Review of Uganda’s R-PP

4. Knowledge Sharing Panel 1 - Readiness Review and Package
Presentation by Costa Rica
Presentation by DRC
REDD Readiness in Nepal

FMT update on the FCPF program evaluation

FCPF Evaluation Report (English, Español, Français) and Executive Summary (English, Español, Français)
World Bank Management Response to the Evaluation Report

PC Working Group's discussion of recommendations of the Evaluation
PC Working Group presentation on Recommendations

Report for the Oslo meeting (English, Español, Français)
FMT Note 2011-4:  Options for Improving FCPF Communications 06-18-11


Request for conducting a global consultation with indigenous peoples on FCPF
Letter to World Bank Vice President from Joan Carling and Juan Carlos Jintiach and response from World Bank Vice President
Presentation:  IP Observers and PC 9
FMT Note 2011-5: Self-Selection Process for Observer from Forest-Dependent Indigenous Peoples and Forest Dwellers
FMT Note 2011-7:  Summary of Proposed FY12 Budget Activity: Reference Levels
Joan Carling's statement


FMT Note 2011-6:  Summary of Proposed FY12 Budget Activity: Linking Community-Based Forest Monitoring with National REDD+ MRV
FMT Note 2011-8 Summary of FY12 Budget Activity Proposal on Benefit Sharing Options
 System Development
FY12 Budget Presentation


Colombia Draft R-PP (June 2011)  (Español) and Presentation
TAP Synthesis Review  and Presentation
PC Review and Presentation


Nicaragua Draft R-PP (June 2011) (Español) and Annexes (Español) and Presentation
TAP Synthesis Review and Presentation
PC Review and Presentation
Global Witness Review of Nicaragua’s R-PP

9a. Knowledge Sharing Panel 2 - Benefit Sharing Mechanisms for REDD+
Presentation by Liberia
Presentation by Mexico
Presentation by The Nature Conservancy

Carbon Fund presentation

Draft Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Carbon Fund and of the Carbon Fund Tranches (Clean, with track changes)
Carbon Fund Organizational Meeting

10a. Resolution 1: Common Approach (English, Français, Español)

Resolution 2: Liberia R-PP (English, Français, Español)

Resolution 3: Uganda R-PP (English, Français, Español)

Resolution 4: FY12 Readiness Fund Budget (English, Français, Español)

Resolution 5: Capitalization Target (English, Français, Español)

Resolution 6: Gratitude (English, Français, Español)
  Co-Chairs' Summary of PC9 (English, Français, Español)




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