PC6, June 28-July 1, 2010, Georgetown, Guyana


Agenda Item Document
FCPF Practical Meeting Info

Interim REDD+ Partnership Document
Presentation on the REDD+ Partnership
REDD+ Partnership Secretariat Services Draft Proposal
REDD+ Partnership Secretariat Services Budget Estimate

2b. Enhancing cooperation and coherence among REDD+ institutions to support REDD+ activities
2c. FCPF FMT Note 2010-11-Add.1:  Operationalizing Multiple Delivery Partners under the Readiness Fund and Presentation
2d. Carbon Fund
2f. FCPF Dashboard and Presentation
2g. Note FMT 2010-16: Incorporating Environmental and Social Considerations into the Process of Getting Ready for REDD+ and Presentation
Ghana SESA Presentation
DRC SESA Presentation
2h. Enhancement of the R-PP Template
3a. Draft Roster of Experts
Program Document FMT 2009-1-Rev.4:  Review & Assessment of Readiness Preparation Proposals
Presentation of the Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Panels
Lessons learnt in R-PP reviews

Argentina R-PP


Costa Rica R-PP


Republic of Congo


Kenya R-PP


Nepal R-PP


Tanzania Draft R-PP


Peru Draft R-PP

5a.   FY11 Annual Budget
FCPF FMT Note 2010-15:  REDD Countries’ Expressions of Interest in the FCPF 
5b. Update on the sources and uses of funds
5c.   FCPF FMT Note 2010-6-Rev:  Auditing and Financial Statements - Amendment to the Charter 
Single Audit Procedure
6a. Resolutions
6b. Additional decisions
  PC6 Meeting Report