Official Observers

Participants that are not members of the Participants Committee (PC) may attend the PC meetings as observers. They can express their views on issues under discussion but have no voting rights to any decisions of the Participants Committee.

The following official observers are invited to attend Participants Committee meetings:

Observers are self-selected by their respective regional constituencies to represent them at FCPF meetings and related proceedings. Constituencies are encouraged to reach out to their respective representative, who is also responsible for reporting back on a regular basis.

FCPF Readiness Fund

Indigenous Peoples Observers

Region Organization
South America COICA
Anglophone Africa Community Resource and Development Center
Central America Fundacion para la Promocion del Concimiento Indigena (FPCI)
Francophone Africa APADEFC
Asia-Pacific Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities


Civil Society Observers (CSOs)

Region Organization
Africa PACJA Kenya
Asia-Pacific SDC Pakistan
Latin America Red MOCAF Mexico
Northern CSO EDF US


FCPF Carbon Fund

Country Observers

Country Organization
Ghana Forestry Commission
Nepal Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation
Peru Ministry of Environment


Indigenous Peoples

Community Resource and Development Center
Indigenous Peoples' Foundation for Education and Environment (IPF)


Civil Society Organizations

BDCP Cameroon