Monitoring and Evaluation


FCPF Program Level Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The FCPF Program Level Monitoring and Evaluation Framework was developed by the FMT with assistance from Baastel and Eco Consult. The draft M&E Framework, contained in FMT Note 2012-11 rev, was presented to the Participants Committee (PC) at its fourteenth meeting in Washington, March 2013 for its consideration and adoption on a no-objection basis.

The framework was subsequently adopted on March 15, 2013. Editorial revisions were made in June 2013 to align the framework to the Readiness Package adopted by the PC in March 2013 and is posted here as FMT Note 2012-11 rev2.

FCPF M&E Framework (English, Español, Français)


First Program Evaluation

In 2010, the Participants Committee (PC) of the FCPF agreed to commission an independent, external evaluation of the program covering the first two years of the Facility’s operations – June 2008 to June 2010. The Terms of Reference for the evaluation were developed by the PC and form the basis for this review.

The evaluation team used the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development/Development Assistance Committee (OECD/DAC) standard evaluation criteria of relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency to address the Terms of Reference. The evaluation was presented to the PC in June 2011 and assesses the contribution of FCPF at both country and global levels.

First Program Evaluation of the FCPF

Full Report (English, Español, Français)

Executive Summary (English, Español, Français)
World Bank Management Response to the Evaluation Report