The FCPF partnership relies on an effective and inclusive governance structure, with the Participants Assembly and the Participants Committee at its core.

The Participants Assembly, which is comprised of all the countries and organizations participating in the FCPF, meets annually and elects the Participants Committee.

The Participants Committee is made up of an equal number of forest (REDD+) countries (14) and financial contributors (14), and is also comprised of observers representing indigenous peoples, civil society, international organizations, the UN-REDD Programme, the UNFCCC Secretariat and the private sector. The Committee, which meets twice a year, is the main decision-making body of the FCPF. It reviews country submissions, decides on grant resource allocation, approves budgets inter alia.

The Carbon Fund meetings include all Carbon Fund Participants to discuss and make decisions on issues related to the Carbon Fund. Official Observers to the FCPF Carbon Fund are also invited to the meetings. Meetings typically take place twice a year in conjunction with the Participants Committee meetings.