The FCPF currently has 47 REDD Country Participants (18 in Africa, 18 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 11 in Asia-Pacific). The partnership relies on an effective and inclusive governance structure, with the Participants Assembly and the Participants Committee at its core.

The World Bank assumes the functions of trustee and secretariat. The World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and United Nations Development Programme are Delivery Partners under the Readiness Fund and responsible for providing REDD+ readiness support services to distinct countries. To ensure a uniform set of safeguard standards, the Common Approach to Environmental and Social Safeguards for Multiple Delivery Partners was approved at the ninth FCPF PC meeting.

The FCPF's Governance Structure:


FCPF Charter

Rules of Procedure

  • Resolution PC/Electronic/2011/1:  Amendment to Rules of Procedure for the Meetings of the Participants Committee (English)
  • FCPF Participants Committee Rules of Procedure (Amended October 2011) (English
  • FCPF Carbon Fund Rules of Procedure (Amended October 2012) (English)
  • Principles for determining the representation of financial contributors on the FCPF Participants€™ Committee (English)

First Program Evaluation (2010)