Global Dialogue with Indigenous Peoples, Doha, Qatar, December 9-11, 2012

Item Document
  Agenda (English, Français, Español)

Session I: Opening of the Program


Session II: Reports from the Regional Dialogues

3 Session III: Response and Key Updates from the FCPF Facility Management Team and the Participants Committee
4 Session IV: Updates on the Implementation of Joint Stakeholder Guidelines and Indigenous Peoples Policy

1. Government Presentations on stakeholder engagement for REDD+:

2. Presentations on Indigenous Peoples' participation in REDD+:

5 Session V: Overall Discussion of Recommendations from Regional Dialogues and Adoption of a Global Declaration and Plan of Action
6 Global Action Plan of Indigenous Peoples relating to FCPF (2013-2015) (English, Français,Español)
7 Report of the Indigenous Peoples' Global Dialogue with FCPF


Background Documents
Letter to World Bank Vice President from Joan Carling and Juan Carlos Jintiach and response from World Bank Vice President
Resolution PC/10/2011/1: Strategic Direction of the FCPF (Revised Jan. 2012: English)
FCPF Charter
FCPF UN-REDD Draft Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement in REDD+ Readiness (English)