Financing and Economics of REDD+

REDD+ finance complements other sources of finance that promote sustainable land use. It provides an additional incentive to make development investments sustainable and benefit the climate. As REDD+ programs are designed it becomes essential to understand required underlying finance, programs costs and benefits. The resources in this section provide technical guidance on the finance and economics of REDD+.


FCPF Guidelines 


FCPF Materials

  • August 2017: Guidance Note on Financing Plans for ER Programs (link)
  • April 2013: Workshop on total costs of REDD+ activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Link
  • March 2011: REDD+ Opportunity Costs Training Manual (EnglishFrançaisEspañol) (link)


External Links and Resources

  • November 2012: Deforestation Trends in the Congo Basin: Full Report (EnglishFrançais)
  • June 2010: Fast-start climate change finance provided by the Netherlands in the context of the Copenhagen Accord (English)
  • May 2010: Oslo Climate and Forest Conference (link)
  • May 2010: REDD+ Financing and Activities Survey (English)
  • October 2009: Final report of the Informal Working Group on Interim Finance for REDD+ (English)
  • September 2009: Estimating the costs of REDD+ at the Country Level (EnglishEspañol)
  • October 2008: Eliasch Review Climate Change: Financing Global Forests (English