Design Process


Originally developed as a concept by the World Bank and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the FCPF gained critical support in 2007, when Germany, as host of the Group of Eight Summit, successfully advocated for the initiative to be endorsed by the G-8 governments. Six months later, in December 2007, the FCPF was formally launched at the high-level United Nations climate negotiations in Bali by the World Bank, nine donor governments and TNC. Today, the Partnership has grown to include 36 forest developing countries, 18 financial contributors (including two private companies and one NGO), active observers from indigenous peoples and civil society, and several international organizations as delivery partners.

Documentation on the consultation and early design process of the FCPF is provided below.

FCPF Information Memorandum (June 13, 2008)


FCPF Consultation and Design Process


Early Correspondence with NGOs


Information Exchanges with Forest-Dependent Indigenous Peoples and other Forest Dwellers