Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting is a key aspect  of REDD+ and the workings of the FCPF Carbon Fund. Carbon accounting includes the measuring and reporting of Greenhouse gas emission as well as setting the benchmark against which performance is measured and payments for implementing REDD+ can be made to countries. Carbon accounting can involve different levels from the local community level up to a national Monitoring and Reporting system. Resources in this section will share knowledge on the variety of issues related to carbon- accounting.

FCPF Guidelines 


FCPF Materials

  • May 2014: Webinar: Understanding the FCPF Carbon Fund’s Methodological Framework (Link)
  • January 2013: Workshop on Building REDD+ Reference Levels (Link) Final report (English)
  • October 2012: Workshop on satellite data and monitoring systems for REDD+ (Link)
  • November 2011: Workshop on National Reference Levels for REDD+ (Link
  • September 2011: Workshop on Community-based MRV for REDD (Link), Final report (English)


External Links and Resources

  • May 2016: REDD+ emission reductions transactions and the Paris Agreement  (Link
  • October 2014: Combining Satellite Data and Community-Based Observations for Forest Monitoring (Link)
  • July 2014: How countries link REDD+ interventions to drivers in their readiness plans: implications for monitoring systems (Link)
  • July 2014: Options for a National Framework for Benefit Distribution and Their Relation to Community-Based and National REDD+ Monitoring (Link)
  • February 2014: GOFC-GOLD sourcebook on REDD+ monitoring, measuring and reporting (Link)  
  • 2006: IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) (Link)
  • 2003: IPCC Good Practice Guidance for Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (Link)
  • Training: GHG Institute e-learning course: GHG Accounting for Forest Inventories (Link)