Asia-Pacific Indigenous Peoples Dialogue with the FCPF, Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 25-27, 2012

Item Documents
1. Logistics Info. Welcome Note
2. Dialogue Agenda Annex B-Agenda
3. Day 1: Plenary Discussions Presentations from Sept. 26
4. Day 2: Plenary Discussions Presentations from Sept. 27
5.a. Day 1: Group Work Country-Specific Reports
5.b. Day 2: Group Work Discussion Summaries
6. Conclusions/Recommendations Annex C-Action Plan of Indigenous Peoples
7. Participants List Annex A-List of Participants
8. Final Report by IP Organizers Report submitted by IPF



Background Documents
1. FCPF/UNREDD Joint Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines

2. FCPF-Specific Materials

3. UNREDD-Specific Materials

4. UNFCCC-Specific Materials