PA7/PC18 Meetings Arusha, Tanzania, Oct 31-Nov 4, 2014

FCPF Participants Commitee, Eighteenth Meeting (PC18)

Friday, October 31




 Breakfast and registration

Pre-PC workshop (optional)


 Workshop on General Conditions to an Emission Reductions Payment Agreement (ERPA) under the FCPF Carbon Fund (Markus Pohlmann)




Lunch and registration

1. Opening of Participants Committee Meeting (PC18)


1a. Welcome (Hon.Mahamud Mgimwa,Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania; Monthe Bienvenu Biyoudi, World Bank Office in Tanzania; Neeraj Prasad, Manager, Climate Change Knowledge and Partnerships, World Bank))


1b. Review and approval of meeting agenda (Co-Chairs: Juma Mgoo, Chief Executive, Tanzania Forest Services Agency, on behalf of REDD Country Participants; and Iven Schad, BMZ, Germany, on behalf of Donor Participants)


1c. Overview of contact groups and PC Resolutions (Sachiko Morita)

2. Mid-Term Progress Reports and requests for additional funding


 2. Liberia (Harrison Karnwea, Managing Director of Forestry Development Authority, Liberia by audio; Neeta Hooda, World Bank) – resolution sought  

  • Mid-term Progress Report and Request for Additional Funding (English), and presentation (English)
  • World Bank's Grant Reporting and Monitoring Report (English), and presentation (English)


Coffee break

3. Carbon Fund


 3. General Conditions to an Emission Reductions Payment Agreement (ERPA) under the FCPF Carbon Fund (Markus Pohlmann)  – resolution sought 


 End of day and contact group on draft PC Resolution for Liberia


 Informal discussion on General Conditions to an ERPA, if needed


Saturday, November 1



Contact groups on draft PC Resolutions, if needed


3 cont’d. General Conditions to an ERPA, if needed


Coffee break

4. Other Business


4a. Terms of Reference of Upcoming Evaluation of the FCPF (Neeta Hooda) Presentation

FMT Note 2014-3: Draft Terms of Reference for FCPF Evaluation (English, Espanol, Francais)


Lunch break and contact groups on draft PC Resolutions


4b. Discussion on R-Package assessment process and purpose (Alex Lotsch) Presentation


Coffee break

5.  Closing


5a. Next meetings (Stephanie Tam) (Presentation)


5b. Adoption of PC Resolutions (Sachiko Morita)


5c. Co-chairs’ summary (Co-chairs) (English, Espanol, Francais)


End of PC18 meeting


FCPF Participants Assembly, Seventh Meeting (PA7)

Sunday, November 2




1.   Opening of Participants Assembly Meeting (PA7)


1a. Welcome (Ellysar Baroudy)


1b. Review and approval of meeting agenda (Co-chairs)

2.   Reports from the FMT and PC


2a. FMT update and presentation of FY14 Annual Report (Ellysar Baroudy) Annual Report FY14, Presentation


 2b. Report by the Participants Committee on work of the past year (Co-chairs)


 Coffee break

3.   Legal Matters


 3a. Consideration of Extending the Term of the FCPF Carbon Fund and/or Readiness Fund beyond 2020 (Simon Whitehouse) 

 FMT Note 2014-4 Extending the Term (EnglishEspanolFrancais) and Presentation


3b. Procedures for election of the Participants Committee and Bureau of the Participants Committee (Sachiko Morita) (Presentation)


 Lunch and Election of the PC and PC Bureau

  • Caucus of REDD Country Participants
  • Caucus of Donor Participants and Carbon Fund Participants

4.   Remarks by Observers and Delivery Partners


 4a. Inter-American Development Bank (Omar Samayoa)

 4b. United Nations Development Programme (Tim Clairs)

 4c. UN-REDD Programme (Mario Boccucci)

 4d. Indigenous Peoples (Pasang Sherpa, NEFIN))

 4e. Southern civil society organizations (Gustavo Sánchez, Red MOCAF)

 4f. Northern civil society organizations (Kristina van Dexter, WWF)

 4g. Non-contributing private sector (Nick Moss, PwC/CMIA)

 4h. International Organizations (Patrick Wylie, IUCN)

5.   Remarks by Other REDD+ Initiatives


5. Forest Investment Program (Andrea Kutter)

6. Closing


 6a. Resolution PA/7/2014/1 - Election of the Participants Committee, Bureau of the Participants Committee, and REDD Country Observers to the Carbon Fund (English)


End of PA7 meeting


Monday, November 3

Field visit


Tuesday, November 4


Joint FCPF - UN-REDD Programme Knowledge Exchange Day 

Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, Arusha, Tanzania





 Welcome – Brief introduction of day

Ellysar Baroudy and Mario Boccucci will share a few words on the value of having a Joint Knowledge Exchange Day and the objectives of the day.


Plenary Knowledge Exchange:  Country Perspectives -- coordination of different sources of REDD+ support at country level

Description: Roundtable format with moderator and audience participation. Country-led dialogue with country experiences shared on successes, challenges, and lessons learned.  Multilaterals and bi-lateral donors available to respond to questions and comments.  Subsequently, the discussion will open up to the floor facilitated by a moderator.

Key discussion points:

  • Donor funding coordination: How bilateral donors and multilaterals can work to minimize overlaps of support and ensure synergies, so that country needs can be addressed – country experiences shared
  • Alignment of country needs and donor priorities: Ensuring support is based on country-driven needs in ways that address donor priorities – country experiences shared
  • A multi-sectoral approach: How can donor coordination support a multi-sectoral approach at the country level – country experiences shared

Objectives/Outputs: Better understanding of country needs and challenges faced by countries – to help inform better donor coordination.

Moderator: Tanzania (TBC)

Roundtable participants:

  • Cambodia: Chhun Delux  
  • Peru:  Kenneth Peralta Nario
  • Uganda: Margaret Athieno Mwebesa
  • Germany: Iven Schad
  • Spain: Monica Corrales  
  • IP: Grace Balawag
  • CSO: Victor Illescas
  • FCPF: Ellysar Baroudy
  • UN-REDD Programme: Mario Boccucci
11:30-12:00  Coffee break
12:00-12:50  Plenary Capacity Building Session: New tools and materials to advance the development of REDD+ reference levels and forest monitoring systems

Description: Plenary session to introduce a new decision support tool and technical training modules developed by the FCPF as well as analysis by the FAO that provide REDD countries practical support in the design of their reference level and forest monitoring systems.

Objective: Participants have an overview and access to new resources that provide important technical and strategic decision support in REDD+ technical capacity building.


  • Alexander Lotsch, Marco van der Linden, and Maria Sanz-Sanchez (Presentation)
12:50-13:00  Brief Introduction to Knowledge Exchange Sessions Round 1-3

Description: Overview of topics of knowledge exchange sessions, sign-up process and location of rooms


  • Nina Doetinchem and Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell
13:00-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:15  Breakout Knowledge Exchange Sessions – Round 1

Description: Parallel knowledge exchange sessions with a country presenting its specific national experience, lessons learned and challenges faced related to a specific theme/topic. Following the country presentation, a moderator will facilitate a discussion to foster south-south knowledge exchange. A rapporteur will capture the key outputs of each session. This will then be produced as a knowledge product and shared with wider audiences.

  Knowledge Exchange 1: Developing a National REDD+ Strategy (session a) 

  • Presenter: Ghana: Kwame Agyei  (Presentation)
  • Moderator: DRC: Victor Kabengele

 Knowledge Exchange 2: Country perspectives on safeguards for REDD+

  • Presenter: Republic of Congo: Henriette Tsoh-Ikunga (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Guatemala: Carlos Bonilla

Knowledge Exchange 3: Experiences with forest landscape restoration planning in the context of REDD+

  • Presenter: Uganda: Margaret Athieno Mwebesa (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Kenya: Alfred Gichu
15:15-15:45  Coffee Break  & Transition time to move to new rooms

  Breakout Knowledge Exchange Sessions – Round 2


Knowledge Exchange 4: Developing a National REDD+ Strategy (session b)

  • Presenter: DRC: Victor Kabengele (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Cote d’Ivoire: Lucien Dja


Knowledge Exchange 5: Assessing and developing incentive and benefit-sharing mechanisms

  • Presenter:  Costa Rica: Ricardo Ulate (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Mexico: Karla Perea Blazquez


Knowledge Exchange 6: Community participation in REDD+ monitoring

  • Presenter: IP representative, Kenya: Daniel Ole Sapit (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Nicholas Meitaki Soikan
16:30  End of day